Wednesday, April 15, 2009

do you know what is a vocaloid?

VOCALOID is not an anime! it is just a voice programmer only. It is not a cartoon, movie, or whatever u r thinking. Remeber, its just a voice programmer only(you know, 'voca' means vocal and 'loid' means ...ermm, nvm!)

They started with MEIKO AND KAITO(KOT!). MEIKO is 20 or 16 years old(i dunno how old is she.) She loves to drink..fight and ermm..I forget la! KAITO, on the other hand, loves aiskrim and he's 20(lol).

Then they found another vocaloid code 01, they released her a girl(16 years old)
and her name is..HATSUNE MIKU:D
she's cute and kinda fun!:)
she loves to sing too. My fav song of hers is..MELT..but..i download that song and i ter-delete

Another vocaloid code 02, are a twins..KAGAMINE RIN AND LEN!

u know...i love kagamine rin sound1 and len too..(>//<) Rin,the girl who love orange and roadroller (i'm also her biggest fan). LEN, the boy, loves banana and roadroller too and his hair look kinda like banana! XD(they are 15 or still 14!)^.^; my fav song is roadroller lol and hakobako player and love kokoro (heart and mind) song or when love end for the fist time with miku(;

AND lastly..another vocaloid code 03 is..MEGURINE LUKA!!
she rox u know!XDXD
she looks like a nice girl and i love her demo song (like example..fist vocaloid has a demo song because people heard they like or not!i heard at youtube!)

oooh there's utau too...